Thanks for visiting my website!  Kato Loses It  began as an Instagram account chronicling my wellness journey.  As a play on my childhood name, initially this was about weight loss,  but along the way, it evolved.   It became about being healthy and staying that way. I discovered a support system - not only among my immediate family and friends, but through the amazing online weight loss community. I found inspiration from the people around me and I want to give back.  This  is my forum to  help you on your personal journey to wellness!

I began my own health and wellness journey in the Fall of 2017.  Being an RN since 2004, I have spent my career advocating for my patients. But, I had been overweight nearly my entire adulthood and I was starting to feel the extra weight on my joints and body. On that fateful day in October, I finally had enough!  It was time to take my own advice. Kato Loses It is about me getting mad enough to do something about it!

 Previously, I had started and quit more times than I could keep track.  This time it felt different, and it was different.  In the past, I focused on the numbers, but this time the focus was on my mindset and lifestyle.  It would require more than simply adjusting food choices.  I shifted my thinking to make this a lasting change.  As a result, from my heaviest, I lost 90lbs through Weight Watchers (WW) and Beachbody On Demand

I'm currently a Beachbody Coach and doTerra essential oils advocate.  Check out my wellness links to find what can work for you. 

              J. Kate Kim